Retirement Plans for Employees

Help your employees understand their retirement needs and provide coaching to ensure a smooth exit and transition process

Retirement Coaching and Planning

Prositions offers a comprehensive program for groups and individuals that are preparing for retirement. Our unique model uses a step-by-step approach that guides people through an easy-to-follow process.

It begins with a powerful assessment. This is an educational instrument that covers twenty separate lifestyle and attitudinal factors that are arranged into six sub-sections. After a profile is created, it generates a ten-page report that gives short descriptions of each of the twenty factors that are applicable to that particular retiree.

The purpose of the profile is to provide a participant with a clear, organized, and scaled overview of how he/she compares to others in similar life circumstances regarding their personal growth toward retirement.

Based on these results, the certified retirement coach will provide feedback to explain and clarify the various elements, including financial preparedness, that a potential retiree needs to consider. Additional discussions help to identify what a candidate wants to work on to prepare for retirement.
Next, the retirement coach works with the retiree to recommend content, articles, readings, courses, activities, web links, and exercises. Time is given to allow the candidate to become familiar with the various options and choices that are available.
The coach and retiree then develop a plan of action to improve and grow in areas that need development. Plans may contain a variety of items that will help the candidate prepare for the various stages of retirement.
Finally, the coach works with the retirees to ensure that they are following the agreed upon actions. In follow-up sessions refinements and changes are made based on the evolving needs of the candidate.
I wanted to tell you about the great comments we’re getting from our group of retirees. They really enjoyed the sessions and are now busy working on their individual plans. I must say I was a little bit skeptical in the beginning about the assessments and the virtual meetings, but everyone I’ve talked with tells me that they are very impressed with your team and their experience. Keep up the great work! Jennifer M.

Benefits Manager

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